Beyond Gun Bans: Understanding and Preventing Workplace Violence

As noted the other day, we provoked some controversy on the subject of banning guns in employee vehicles in workplace parking lots.

Several readers contributed personal viewpoints stating reasons for employees to keep weapons in vehicles. These reasons might strike other readers as somewhat persuasive — or not.

Certainly, the gunowners may well be right that parking lot gun bans are likely to be much less effective than other forms of prevention.

So today, I take a look at a related topic that may be less controversial, and certainly of vital interest to all employers of every size in every sector: workplace violence — causes and prevention.

First stop is the current article that turned my attention to the subject:
“Workplace violence: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Although a sales piece for Ceridian’s services, this article is a good introduction to the subject, describing four perpetrator types, setting out five basic aspects of proactive prevention, listing warning signs associated with violent behavior, and describing the escalation process of violent behavior.

A brief item worth looking at as a supplement to the above is “Preventing Workplace Violence Requires Simple Precautions”

“Preventing Workplace Violence” from is a nice collection of links on the subject, as is “Employee Wellness: Preventing Violence in the Workplace,” from the “Free Management Library,” a super-link collection.

See also Braun Consulting Group: “Violence in the Workplace: ‘A Loaded Gun at the Head of the Employer'”

Here are a few books to consider, as well:

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  1. Anton

    “…parking lot gun bans” are so obviously moronic as to be unworthy of even momentary consideration.

    Does anyone really think that a parking lot gun bun is going to prevent a sick and disgruntled employee from bring a gun to work to do violence. Good God! Keep the “culture war” politics out of the equation and work towards sane solutions.

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