Finally Some Good News For Job Hunters? Survey Finds Renewed Confidence in Hiring

Hiring Expectations Brighten

According to a new survey by Dice Holdings, Inc., half of employers and recruiters anticipate hiring more professionals in the first half of 2011 than the previous six months.

This result closely mirrors findings six months ago that are being reflected in the general labor market — with private employers adding 132,000 jobs per month on average since July, as compared to just 98,000 new positions per month in the first half of 2010, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Slow Hiring in Some Instances May Reflect Mismatch Between Openings and Qualifications Sought

According to this survey, the pace of hiring is being slowed by a shortage of skilled professionals to fill many available positions.

When hiring managers and recruiters report the time to fill positions is lengthening, the majority (52%) say the inability to find qualified professionals is the number one reason.

This is a reversal of six months ago when caution related to the economy anchored the top spot.

“The labor market is improving, but employment is still not growing as quickly as in previous recoveries,” said Scot Melland, Chairman, President & CEO of Dice Holdings, Inc. “However, with skills shortages starting to emerge and voluntary departures on the rise, 2011 will likely be a busy year for hiring managers and employers.”

More Openings From Resignations; Upward Pressure on Starting Pay Beginning to Emerge

Nearly half (47%) of hiring managers and recruiters expect resignations to increase next year.

Hiring is beginning to become more expensive, with more than a quarter of respondents (29%) indicating salaries for new hires are increasing as compared to last year.

“Companies need to be in front of the departure wave by ensuring top talent and critical employees are content and productive,” added Mr. Melland. “Recruitment activity continues to increase and the lure of better career opportunities and higher compensation is becoming more visible.”

Increased Hiring Expectations Quantified by Survey

For those planning to make more hires in the first half of 2011, 50 percent project they will add up to 10 percent more employees compared with the second half of 2010, while 31 percent plan to increase hiring by 11-20 percent.

There was no discernable difference in hiring expectations between larger companies (500+ employees) and those with fewer than 500 employees.

About the Survey

From November 8 to November 14, 2010, Dice Holdings surveyed U.S. companies, government entities and recruiting firms from every region of the country who hire or recruit a variety of professionals.

Companies from nearly every industry responded, including agriculture, consulting, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, non-profits, technology and retail.

Nearly 1,100 responded to the email survey, with 74 percent identified as companies that recruit for their own needs. Of that group, nearly half (47%) had more than 500 employees.

See detailed hiring survey results here.

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