Great list of job search and interview tips

One of the all-time greatest hits on this blog is a post for job hunters:

“Tell Me About Yourself:” The 25 Toughest Interview Questions (and tips on how to answer them!)

So I thought I’d get a little additional mileage out of it by reposting the link here.

Actually, I just now thought of that clever bit of search engine gaming. I really started this post just to link to another great resource on how to interview for a job.

No wimpy list of top ten tips here! From Online Education Database comes a set of no less than 88 tips on job interviews. (Actually some deal with other aspects of the job search.)

Categories of tips covered are:

  • Skill Building
  • Tools and Miscellaneous
  • Resume
  • Finding a Job to apply for and Interview Preparation
  • Appearance
  • Pre-Interview (on the day of your interview)
  • Interview Opener
  • Interview Dos
  • Interview Don’ts
  • Closer and Post Interview


How to Ace Your Job Interview: 88 Surefire Tips and Tricks

One thing I really like about this job search article is that it is chock-full of links (over 40!).

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