Intern Katie heads off on European Odyssey

katie-blog.png Just when we were getting used to her great writing, one of our interns, Katie Rice, is leaving us for . . . another blog!

Actually, this was planned all along. You see, she’s just been killing time in slow old St. Louis while getting ready for one of those college student bum-around-Europe-for-a-semester deals. And I’m pleased she has now been bitten by the blogging bug and will blog her European Odyssey.

In Katie’s words:

I decided to break from the traditional junior-year-abroad model and head out of the country during my sophomore year. Who knows, maybe I’ll have some abroad time junior year, too.

Here’s the plan: one month at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, then one month travelling all over Europe, and then four months at the University of London in … London.

You’ll be along for the whole ride, starting from when I try to pack everything I’ll need for six months into a backpack and suitcase. The fun is just beginning. Olé!

So please join me in thanking Katie for her assistance with old George’s Blawg, wishing her bon voyage (sorry, Katie, I took French, so can’t say it en Espanol), and following her journeys by reading her new European Odyssey blog, sure to become one of the best bumming-around-Europe blogs ever written.

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  1. Thanks, George! It’s been a great experience. I hope to eventually create a blog as successful as yours!

  2. My pleasure, Katie. Why don’t you start by promoting the heck out of your European Odyssey? With your family, facebook friends, other foreign-study student bloggers, etc.

    Who wants to blog when nobody’s reading (apparently millions of people, but you’re not one of them!)

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