Jobs for Stay at Home Moms — and Dads — at Give A Mom a

You’re a stay at home mom — or dad. You have one or more children, and you’ve decided that you want a work-life balance that allows you to attend to your parenting and other responsibilities.

But you’d also like an income, a chance to interact with adults during the day and the opportunity to keep your options open. After all, your children will grow up, and you may want to return to office-based work someday.

Welcome to “Give A Mom A Job!,” a new site that seeks to unite stay at home moms and dads seeking a flexible, part-time source of income with companies that have an immediate need they can fill.

Perhaps best of all, it’s free to employers and job seekers alike.

New Site, New Opportunities for Stay at Home Moms and Dads

As I’ve noted, the site is new, and site owners David and Betsy Libby are still reaching out to attract employers and stay at home moms and dads alike through blogs, news releases, and other PR efforts. However, they told me they do have an “extensive contact base,” having started their network-building efforts in the San Francisco Bay area and worked outward from there.

Nor are the site owners, a stay at home mom and her husband, restricting their scope to traditional project-based or part-time opportunities.

In addition to working hard at developing their corporate contact list, the pair told me that they “…are also pursuing other opportunities for moms, including participation in market research studies, secret shopping, etc.”

“The core of the idea is centered on the premise that stay at home moms can participate in the workforce on their own terms and that employers will now have a quick, easy, and cost effective way to reach out to them.”

It’s All About Work-Life Balance

Asked about their reasons for starting the site, David Libby told me that, “We have had many conversations with friends about how to best handle balancing family and professional responsibilities, and have found that it’s a universal challenge. … [In addition] As a mother, my wife has worked full-time, stayed at home full-time, and worked part-time.”

“We have found (like many people) that our family functions best when one of us is flexible enough to stay home with sick kids, drive for field trips, volunteer in the classroom, and manage appointments and after-school activities.”

Employers: Need a Quick Hand? Find One – For Free

According to David, the site should be a boon for businesses as well stay at home moms and dads. “An employer may need coverage for a leave of absence or sabbatical, or may simply want to out-source a project. These businesses can avoid significant recruiting fees through finding these candidates directly.”

“The idea is to connect a talent pool interested in part-time work to appropriate opportunities,” he added.

For more information or to post or look for flexible, project-based or part-time jobs, visit Give A Mom A Job!

David and Betsy are also looking for advertisers, as they plan to donate at least some of the site’s revenues to their local PTA.

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