The Latest Trend in Office Romance: Contractual Love

I thought that “love contracts” were just a 20th century idea (i.e., 1990s stuff) and a thing of the past. Guess I’m wrong! This article, from, notes that “love contracts” are back in vogue.

According to one attorney, love contracts

state that the relationship is consensual and include what is appropriate workplace behavior, and restate the company’s relevant harassment policies.

According to the article, one law office has “completed hundreds” of these contracts over the last few years.

I’m sorry, but it would sure take the zest out of such relationships for me! Read here for more on this story.

Also, see this closely related story in the Arizona Republic, which quotes an attorney as saying that 80% of sexual harassment lawsuits stemmed from a workplace romance that went sour.

Who knows — there may be a run on these kinds of contracts!

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