When In Rome, What Do You Do?

You have certainly heard the old cliche “When in Rome, do as the Romans.” But, what do the Romans, Greeks, or others “do” that you should “do?”

More important, sometimes, when dealing with persons from other cultures, is to avoid doing that which you are NOT supposed to do.

Recently, I had a posting about CQ (Cultural intelligence) that discussed some related cultural sensitivity and cultural awareness issues.

This time, I discovered a nice website (I believe it was mentioned on recruiting.com) about what do to and what not to do in different countries.

This website will answer many of your questions about behavior in different countries. For example:

  • Should you slice your bread with a knife or break it off with your hands in France?
  • Is it normal for Russians to entertain visitors in their own home?
  • Do Swedes normally kiss or have much physical contact in public?

This is a very handy cultural awareness website, indeed.

Look up a country, and you will find answers to the above questions, such as the French use their hands to break bread, the Russians like to entertain at home, and the Swedes do not demonstrate alot of physical contact in public — and much more.

Enjoy browsing!

See also George’s earlier post, “Another Aspect of Diversity: Cross-Cultural Awareness,” linking to another source for cultural dos-and-don’ts.

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